Books On Business Innovation

It is amazing just how much the business innovation books of the 80s and 90s with all the buzz words were from today’s business innovation books, all with newly revised buzz words. And don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking anyone, but as a former entrepreneur, I can tell you, I’ve done my share of innovating, invention, and creating to service our customers, clientele, and consumers. It seems everyone is trying to tell us how things have now changes in “The New Paradigm!”

Well, have they, or are we merely being over-hyped by authors, innovation gurus, and creative coaches these days – all trying to keep from being drowned out from the incessant noise of the next new thing! So, what were my favorite books of the 90s on this topic? Well, I did like; “If It Ain’t Broke, Then Break It” as that was certainly a good one, and there are others like this, it’s a business innovation book, it’s not the best but at the time it was.

Then there was “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers” also quite good, same era, and yet, I kind of enjoy Guy Kawasaki’s books on such topics much more. He always does a nice job rallying the troops and plugging American Innovation. Guy Kawasaki has quite a few decent books to rev up an entrepreneur, and I kind of like his no BS style, of course from his point-of-view, which I don’t completely agree with, at least not all the time, still he’s definitely been at it for a while, going on 3-decades now.

The question is; where are you in your creative and innovative state within your company, and “where would you like to go today?” as Microsoft’s Bill Gates might say? It’s okay to read some of the older innovation books geared towards business if that’s your style, or you might like the new fast paced high-techie type innovation business books, it really depends what you are looking for?

Some entrepreneurs are looking for “how to” guides on innovating from within, others like to get hyped, jazzed, and rev’ed up, more like a positive self-help type book to keep yourself with the glass half filled? Maybe if you tell me more, I might assist in that, as everyone’s mind works a little different. Some work much better than others indeed, but they all seem to process slightly different. You know what I mean?

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