Business Innovation As a Manager

If anything, this recession has taught us that new business innovation is critical for the survival of the companies we work for. Business innovation is after all what keeps a company from folding. As a manager, you can do a lot to foster new innovations in your company and keep you off the unemployment line. I would like to present a series of five small articles on what you can do as a manager to come up with new ideas and processes to help keep your company profitable.

Business innovation starts with key leadership. By being a good leader for your team, you have to be pasionate about your work, be optimistic and have a positive outlook, don’t let setbacks affect your positive mindset, be a forward thinker and be driven to affect change, surround yourself with only positive people wherever possible, concentrate on a team culture instead of a ‘me’ culture, resolve problems quickly and above all, learn from your mistakes as well as other peoples mistakes. Leaders who a truly great, share their visions with everyone in their company and don’t keep their innovative thinking in the closet.

You also have to be organized as a company. If your companies culture is one of disorganization, you will fail. Performance management in a downturn is very important too. Innovative companies have a very distinctive culture and that reflects in their recruitment process and they also place a huge amount of importance on training and teaching their staff. By doing so, they empower their employees to become innovative thinkers too, to think outside of the box. In a management role, you can play a huge part in this. You can come up with rewards for their thinking and results. This would also play a huge part in fostering a culture of organization.

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