How To Choose The Best Paintball Guns For You

If you’re new to paintballing or just finding out about it for the first time, you need to get the best paintball guns. If you look online, you can find literally thousands of different options to choose from but the problem is that most of them are not worth the money. The problem with most paintball gear is that the better manufacturers make only a few items and those products are usually of very high quality. At the same time, the more popular companies are making the same items for much less. Here’s how you can find the best paintball guns for your budget and your level of play.


Right off the bat, you need to decide what type of play style you want to have. There are basically two types: speedball and woodsball. Both play styles are fun to play but speedball involves far more moving around while woodsball is more about strategy and planning. At the same time, you need to consider what kind of terrain your play on because if you’re playing on concrete, then speedball paintball guns won’t work as well as those for woodsball players.


Next, you need to think about what size of barrel of your paintball gun should have. Bigger barrels can shoot farther than smaller ones, which can be important if you plan on playing on a terrain like woods. Also, the velocity of paintballs fired from a larger barrel will be greater so if you plan on playing on faster terrain, then you’ll need to get a bigger barrel. Lastly, CO2 guns are better than airsoft guns for a couple reasons: compressed air doesn’t travel as far and co2 has a lot of power, which means you’ll be able to fire shots further.

Cheap Hair Extension – Are They As Good As the Rest?

When it comes to hair extension care, cheap hair extension is often considered to be an inferior product due to its lower quality and material used. However, at times, people can end up spending more on their cheap hair extension because in their own wisdom, can tend to pay for it more later. This is primarily because many cheap hair extension are of low quality both in materials and composition used; hence it is not as durable as quality hair extensions. In addition, like with quality hair extensions, they too are hard to restore once it begins to wear off; which will in the long run cost you more money. This however is not all; like quality hair extensions some cheap hair extensions can come with hidden dangers that can harm your health in the long run. Here are some of the dangers of cheap hair extension: extension pas cher

Cheap Hair Extension – Are They As Good As the Rest?

As mentioned earlier, cheap hair extension consists mainly of synthetic hair, which is not as durable as human hair. Synthetic hair does not last long and tends to break easily; therefore when applying such extension onto your scalp it can result to several breaks upon application. Moreover, this in turn will leave behind a thin film of residue and can even cause further damage to your scalp, thus making it even harder to remove; leaving you more frustrated about the whole process. One thing you should not do is subject your hair to this kind of extension when it is not even fresh; as this can lead to permanent hair loss within weeks.

When it comes to chemical hair replacements, cheaper is not always better. Cheap hair extensions contain chemicals that can harm your scalp and health; therefore before using such cheap hair extensions make sure you seek the advice of a hair expert first, who will give you professional and informed advice on how best to use your hair attachments safely and cleanly. In addition to this, remember that cheap hair extensions tend to fall off more often than those that are a bit more expensive. Therefore, when choosing cheap hair extensions it is important to choose ones that will stay on for longer periods of time.