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Hotel Narrogin Romania – A Natural Escape

The hotel Narrogin is located just a few kilometers from the famous city of Bucharest. This small but beautiful hotel has a lot to offer not only to travelers interested in enjoying a comfortable stay during their vacation in Romania but also to couples and families who want to spend their vacations in style and comfort. The hotel features a lot of five-star accommodations and services such as saunas, fireplaces, fitness centers, pools, restaurants, bars and lounges. Several events held at the hotel throughout the year, such as horse shows and concerts, attract people from all over the world.


The location of the hotel makes it ideal for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding scenery. If you are planning to take a holiday in Romania, you will not regret choosing to stay at the hotel Narrogin. You can even buy some of the resort’s properties to use as holiday homes during your visit.


The hotel has rooms that come with excellent views of the sea and the surrounding environment. The majority of the rooms have internet connections and direct dial telephones. There is a restaurant in the hotel that offers a variety of meals in a stylish atmosphere. For those on a budget, there are a number of restaurants that offer a combination of traditional dishes and local ones. Several of the restaurants also offer the option to rent a beach house or an apartment close to the beach.

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