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Memorial Designs

Memorial designs are a great way to express your thoughts, values and feelings towards those who have given their lives for your community, family, or country. Memorial designs are one of the easiest ways to ensure that your memorial will be unique and personal, and that your loved one’s memorial will not be copied and duplicated by others. Many people feel very strongly about certain organizations and causes they support or believe in. Because of this, if you choose not to have a standard design that represents what your loved one stood for, you can choose from any or all eight designs that best describe your deceased, as well as those of other heroes and rescue workers. Click here to see website for more information.

memorial designs

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Memorial Designs

There are many different designs to choose from, and most memorial templates have a “showing case” so that you can select which design you would like to use with your template. The eight finalists are the most popular designs that memorial planners choose. The templates allow you to customize the memorial using a wide variety of different colors and themes. Many of the designs are based on an actual relief. Other designs are inspired by things like a bear or a seal.

The “Northern Footprint” Memorial is comprised of four key designs – an eagle resting upon a shoulder blade, a stag standing on its hind legs, a Northern Light Shining Through, and a Seal of Command. These are all simple, elegant designs that represent a noble death and eternal life. The “Stag” design features the beautiful black and white coat of the steed of the horse of the dead hero. The “Seahorse” design depicts a beautiful yellow and white colored horse with a white feather in its tail. The last, and “Southern Footprint” designs combine the colors of the two templates with a golden oak leaf, to create a memorial that will be cherished forever.

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