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What Are the Newest additions to the Kolpin Gun Boots Line Up?

kolpin gun boot

The Kolpin Gun Boot 6,0 is Kolpin’s biggest, most roomy gun boot to date it fitting up to 5″ 1″ of ammunition in length and offering ample room for both the largest pistol grip and rifle stock style inventory. The Kolpin Gun Boot 6,0 also accommodates well for right and left handed pistol shooters. This comfortable boot features a zipper back closure and a rear hand rest. Some models offer a padded carry handle and adjustable lanyard. This boot is made of heavy duty rubber with an interwoven seam for ultimate strength.


With its large capacity, the Kolpin gun boots 6,0 impact provides ample room for both left handed shooters and rifles and shotguns with larger calibers and scope. This is a great option for both left handed and right handed shooters to enjoy shooting their equipment from the comfort of their own shooting bench or shooting blind. It can also be utilized by right handed shooters of course for proper training of their weapon. Because of its large capacity, the Kolpin gun boots 6,0 impact is able to meet the needs of shooters who utilize large caliber ammunition and scopes for target shooting. Although it is large and bulky, it still remains compact and light-weight enough to be easily carried around while still offering enough room for storage.


This is one of the latest additions to the Kolpin gun boots line up. The new Kolpin gun boot iv black has an aluminum foot pad and ergonomic rubberized handles for users to have a solid grip on the gun boot. In addition to that, the entire unit is padded and has a shock absorber plate for extra protection of the user’s hands. This unit has a built in impact liner for users to use for target practice and for target shooting in the outdoors.

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